Friday, January 25, 2013


Be the One Run 2012
S/O to The Ave Venice

Hey everyone, it's been a LONG TIME NO SEE from me. Nothing has really changed on this side of the water. I'm still doing my advocacy with the Be the Match Foundation for bone marrow donation awareness. I completed my third annual 5K during our Be the One Run in Long Beach, Ca. this past November and signed up with Team Be The Match Southwest to do a HALF MARATHON and raise $1,000 this June of 2013.

Be the ne Run 2011
Be the One Run 2010

If you don't know the backstory on how I got involved let me tell you briefly.

Back in September of 2010 I was excited to go to a concert, B-Real of Cypress Hill's Smokeout Festival. I bought two tickets but i still needed one more so I could take my little cousin who had just turned 18. I wanted to celebrate by taking him to a hip hop show we could both appreciate. I went on a chat show and won two tickets answering a Cypress Hill trivia question. I was SO HAPPY! I couldn't believe I won tickets. Then I found out that my little cousin was diagnosed with leukemia. My heart dropped. I started doing research about leukemia and I was directed to the Be the Match website and read about bone marrow donation as a last resort. I had always wanted to be a bone marrow donor since I was a kid when I watched a show on the Montel Williams show about children suffering with various blood related diseases. Of course I was definitely interested in doing that and bringing awareness as we were all praying that my cousin would beat this and not need a transplant.

My sister and I went to the concert and I bought my cousin a lot of stuff and even got them autographed for him. The look on his face was awesome. Seeing him smile made me happy.

Fast track it to 2013... My cousin is leukemia free, but he still has to undergo chemotherapy and do spinal taps and the likes. NOT FUN! I've been an advocate since 2010 and have run (or attempted to run) 3 5k's and am now in training to do a half marathon. I will be honest, thinking about jogging and walking for 13 miles is overwhelming as i do have back pain issues, but knowing that I'm doing it for a great cause makes it all worth it.

While spreading awareness on my facebook page I learned that my sisters friends little girl Emma, who's 4 years old, was diagnosed with leukemia October 16, 2012. She's doing chemo at Choc now and is such a fighter. So now I not only advocate in honor of my cousin, but in honor of Emma as well.

I am writing this blog to tell you my story as well as ask for your help. Like I mentioned at the top, I am raising $1,000 and if you feel compelled to help donate or at the least share my blog and fundraising information that would be awesome too.

You can check out my fundraising page as well as donate

Read my blog from September 2011 to get even more information on my story and information about Be the Match and the bone marrow donation proccess and why we do what we do. blog archive September 2011

Monday, January 2, 2012

Quasimoto & Trinity


I would like to start my first blog of the year with my baby and her favorite Christmas gift she recieved from a special Santa..

My home is a HIP HOP home. I had taken my kids to the Beat Swap Meet in September and they had so much fun with all the DJ's and booths full of records, watching the B-Boys and B-gilrs get down on the dance floor and the graffers create art before their very eyes, but what made me smile the most is when my baby girl saw this Lord Quas action figure.

I've been asked how a 3 yr old even knows about Quasimoto, please don't get it twisted, even though we know the Lord may not be suitable for children, know that I am a conscious parent. I do not allow radio play in my home unless it is the jazz or christian station, other than that I solely play instrumentals around them for the simple fact that I don't need them to get brainwashed by mainstream stupidity. Also because they like to rhyme so I like the fact that they can read their poetry over instros.

My baby spends all her time with me and loves to listen to music while she draws and plays with her toys and I do whatever it is I'm doing. One day she just stopped it all and started bobbing her head and said "mommy I like that song".  I was on YouTube and she saw the character and that's where it all started. From there she learned how to distinguish his voice.


She really will ask me if I can play her some "kasimono" and I do. She likes watching the videos and tripping out on the cartoon, although there are some times I need to change the video or distract her. The way her little face lit up when she saw that doll at the Beat Swap Meet was too cute, and when asked what she wanted for christmas he was first on her list among barbie dolls and a pillow pet. Someone very special took the time to find it and send it her way for christmas and her reaction to opening her special santa gift was PRICELESS..

                              (this video was even posted on the Quasimoto FB fan page)

I am a HIP HOP head and a beat junky and my children appreciate that and are showing interest in their own ways. They each have their styles and different tastes, and since it's instrumentals that I play, the top producers in my home for my kids are DJ Muggs, Alchemist, J Dilla, Q-Tip, and obviously Madlib.

 As a HIP HOP mom i feel so blessed that my kids want to be a productive part of keeping it alive. They want to be producers, hip hop fashionistas, dancers, and dig for records to help mom find samples.. I really credit the Beat Swap Meet for holding this event every 3 months and bringing all aspects of hip hop alive. My kids were inspired the first time we went and look forward to going every time.

Every parent thinks their kids are the best, but I can honestly say that I have really been blessed with the coolest kids ever. I look forward to what they will provide the hip hop world in the near future.

The next Beat Swap Meet will be held in March. For more info check out the fb Beat Swap Meet fan page

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Arken 9 of Seven Oddities

Here I am again with another one of the seven oddities. Today I'd like to introduce you to  Arken9. Now Arken is not your typical rapper, no, he's definitely above the norm. He rhymes about things most people either dismiss or would rather be blinded from in this tumultuous world.

                                               click here to listen to Starving Artist 
                     First Single off the "AMPHIBIOUS" Album dropping (01/07/2012)
                                     It's a song about saying, " fuck it...I gotta get mine. "
                                        Gotta buy the album for the mastered version.
                                  Beat by Awalk inda Park       Produced by DreamTek

                                                      more music on soundcloud

                                 What inspired the name?

Arken is a play on words. Arcane is "knowledge only known by a select few" or "lost knowledge" and harken Means to listen... 3 is how many sides I personally feel all people have in them or 3 basic energies... Good(positive), Bad (negative) The in between (neutral )...and since I'm personally always struggling with my sides I'm always going against myself and it makes me a better person 3x3 is 9. 9 is the number of rebirth. growth. evolution.

                              Who are your influences and when did you
                                                  begin this artistic journey?

I started doing poetry/ spoken word in grammar school 6th grade. I am influenced by everyone, everything, my own experiences. however, Qwel, Mosdef, Immortal Technique, Tupac, Biggie, Bone Thugs, Do or Die, and Crucial Conflict influenced me the greatest.

                               What would you consider your style to be?

Hmmmm.... what would I consider my style to me....ummm... Warrior Scholar rap, I want people to think... I want people to have emotions when they understand what I'm truly saying.

                             What is the message behind YOUR music?

The message behind my music is to always ask questions. To question your surroundings, the struggle, the horrible state of disrepair the music industry is in as well as the horrible disrepair of "minority" culture.

                            What do you see going on in the hip hop industry today and
                     what would you do to change that or what would you like to see change?

I feel like hip-hop music is literally a commercial now... fuck commercial music it's just a commercial now. Selling shoes, cars, drink, and even an "idea" of what hip-hop is.... which it is the furthest from. I would like to hear more people saying shit that can actually change the world or get people to change....for the better that is. Like if people started leaking top secret government information in their raps....SO ILL!

                             How many projects do you have under your belt thus far?

Well I have a solo mix tape Called "Keep your coins, I want change" and A mix tape with Some brothers of mine I used to make music with C.H.I. CITY (The C.ool, The H.ustler & The Intellect) I was the intellect lol....I have a bunch of random singles floating around somewhere and I'm gonna drop The "FEED MY TAPEWORM" mix tape sometime in February most likely.Which is gonna be hot because There's gonna be like 20 different artists from Chicago on their rockin HOT SHIT!

                              Who have you or would you like to collaborate with?

I would like to collab with Qwel, Immortal Tech., EL-P, ILL BILL... that would be sick. 

                             Any credit or shout outs to anyone? and anything you'd like to add?



For more info on Arken9 check out his fan page on facebook and follow @ARKEN9 on twitter..  Don't forget to check out the rest of the oddities at, preview and download music as well as listen to their radio show, The Friday Fallout Shelter Show, every friday night @7p.m. CST

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Beat Swap Meet #16 Los Angeles Dec 11, 2010

So we're one week away from the next BEAT SWAP MEET which is #16, taking place in good ol China Town Sunday December 11th.. The beat Swap Meet is such an awesome place to go hang out wih the family.. From record vendors to hip hop attire, B-boys and girls groovin and DJ's spinning in the booths, people painting portraits and graffiti art, and let's not forget the resident barber  Snagneto and MIGHTY JUNEBUGG's food booth.. 

My kids had such a blast at the last one especially with the great people of The Movement, playing with hoola hoops and dancing along to the great music the DJ was spinning. This is one organization for the children you need to support :) I told my kids that I was going alone this time and they said in sync NO!!!!!!! haha I loved that. I am excited to say that I will be buying my christmas gifts for my children here as an act of No Corporate Christmas. My son wants a collection of Fat Caps action figures, but I'm also gonna look into finding a beat maker of some sort for him as he has displayed an interest in producing,  my oldest daughter wants a Michael Jackson record, which she will get, as well as another one made into a wall clock by Fire Foxiness.

My following daughter wants all the cool hip hop bows, and lastly the baby wants the Quasimoto doll.. yeah I know, what 3 year old would want this doll and how does she even know about Lord Quas? ME :) I am ANTI mainstream and am trying to instill the basics in my children, the root of hip hop. The Beat Swap Meet definitely offers that and so much more. I asked my children what they liked about it and the main thing they all agreed on is that everyone there makes it feel like family which is true, one BIG hip hop family.

            Thes One live on the MPC 3000 BEAT SWAP MEET #15  (Breakbeats&Rhymes Radio)

There will be over 40 Invited Collectors & Dealers, Selling Records of all sounds,
Blues, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Metal, Psych, Punk, Reggae, Rock, Soul, & World 12" & 45 Records.

Live Screen Printing by:  The HIT+RUN Crew .  

I look forward to seeing my pals of Raw Kulture Clothing's booth along with many more clothing vendors.

There will be a kids Section, with music inspired Arts & Crafts, Hosted by Woven Culture

For more info visit or visit the  Beat Swap Meet facebook page, also click here for more info (fb event page) and check out their YouTube page.

Beat Swap Meet #16 is being held at The Grandstar Jazz Club & Chinatown Plaza, 943 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA and is free to the public, with the Donation of 1 Canned Good. Canned Goods are donated to the homeless communities of Downtown Los Angeles

HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!                              

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Where my ladies at? Stamina

                                                                 click here to listen

I'll Get Out, an Ode to all Women, is the 2nd single of "F*ck Your Mixtape". A feel good track about the struggles and strengths of women of all paths. Simply beautiful and heart-warming. :)

For more info on Stamina visit his facebook page and follow him on twitter @STAMhiphop
Stay posted for F*uck Your Mixtape dropping in it's entirety the first week of Decemeber

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The 40oz Kings EP

Here I am once again with some music by my boys of Seven Oddities Records.. Today i present to you The 40oz. Kingz.

"The 40oz. Kings embody everything we love about underground hip-hop: passion, raw talent and, of course, 40 ouncers. While they’re based in Chicago, there’s no act that traveled further to get to North Coast. After beating out 100 performers, they emerged as the festival’s “Toast of the Coast” play-in contest champions. And it only takes one listen of their single to prove their merit. It’s a huge win for the Kings and their home at Seven Oddities Records — and a testament to the deep well of Chicago’s undiscovered talent."
(Written By: Lindsay Terchin of

The 40oz. Kings consist of DreamTekPozLyrix, and  DC The Truth. This is their first EP that dropped earlier today and i must say they brought the rukus as usual.. Beats (solely produced by DreamTek himself) that do not disappoint, lyrics that are on point in regards to todays state of hip hop and wack MC's, hard core unordinary scumbaggetry, and a flare of comedy starting with the Intromercial (i literally laughed out loud), they bring you classic material. 

download the 40oz Kings EP

Also fearured on this album are Prone, and Scenic Roots of Seven Oddities,  Seel FreshOmen Ra,, Hellsent, DJ Shmix, Venemous 2000, and Prime of  Middle Ground Ent.

 This track right here is my fave.. it features Seel fresh and Prime..
follow @SeelFresh ( SeelFresh/YOUTUBE , -"Fresh To Def" Ep will be available on itunes Decemebr 13 ) and @BigPrime (  312-547-9641 )

More and more albums will be dropping sooner than you think. Be on the lookout for Arken 9's album Amphibious next.

peace 7ette

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stamina F*uck Your Mixtape 1st single

‎1st Single off  F*CK YOUR MIXTAPE  "One, Two, Three..." prod by State of the Art  *Free Download*  Stamina

This is the first single that dropped today via bandcamp by Stamina, a local MC from Los Angeles CA.. This is the kind of track that I would bump on a sunny saturday afternoon, windows rolled all the way down, shades over my eyes with my head tilted to the side enjoying the gusts of Cali wind through my hair, giving everyone the "whasup" nod while I cruise up the coast.. Yes an ideal and typical day in L.A. with a tune to match..

For more info on Stamina visit his facebook page and follow him on twitter @STAMhiphop
Stay posted for F*uck Your Mixtape dropping in it's entirety the first week of Decemeber..