Monday, January 2, 2012

Quasimoto & Trinity


I would like to start my first blog of the year with my baby and her favorite Christmas gift she recieved from a special Santa..

My home is a HIP HOP home. I had taken my kids to the Beat Swap Meet in September and they had so much fun with all the DJ's and booths full of records, watching the B-Boys and B-gilrs get down on the dance floor and the graffers create art before their very eyes, but what made me smile the most is when my baby girl saw this Lord Quas action figure.

I've been asked how a 3 yr old even knows about Quasimoto, please don't get it twisted, even though we know the Lord may not be suitable for children, know that I am a conscious parent. I do not allow radio play in my home unless it is the jazz or christian station, other than that I solely play instrumentals around them for the simple fact that I don't need them to get brainwashed by mainstream stupidity. Also because they like to rhyme so I like the fact that they can read their poetry over instros.

My baby spends all her time with me and loves to listen to music while she draws and plays with her toys and I do whatever it is I'm doing. One day she just stopped it all and started bobbing her head and said "mommy I like that song".  I was on YouTube and she saw the character and that's where it all started. From there she learned how to distinguish his voice.


She really will ask me if I can play her some "kasimono" and I do. She likes watching the videos and tripping out on the cartoon, although there are some times I need to change the video or distract her. The way her little face lit up when she saw that doll at the Beat Swap Meet was too cute, and when asked what she wanted for christmas he was first on her list among barbie dolls and a pillow pet. Someone very special took the time to find it and send it her way for christmas and her reaction to opening her special santa gift was PRICELESS..

                              (this video was even posted on the Quasimoto FB fan page)

I am a HIP HOP head and a beat junky and my children appreciate that and are showing interest in their own ways. They each have their styles and different tastes, and since it's instrumentals that I play, the top producers in my home for my kids are DJ Muggs, Alchemist, J Dilla, Q-Tip, and obviously Madlib.

 As a HIP HOP mom i feel so blessed that my kids want to be a productive part of keeping it alive. They want to be producers, hip hop fashionistas, dancers, and dig for records to help mom find samples.. I really credit the Beat Swap Meet for holding this event every 3 months and bringing all aspects of hip hop alive. My kids were inspired the first time we went and look forward to going every time.

Every parent thinks their kids are the best, but I can honestly say that I have really been blessed with the coolest kids ever. I look forward to what they will provide the hip hop world in the near future.

The next Beat Swap Meet will be held in March. For more info check out the fb Beat Swap Meet fan page


  1. doesnt quasimoto talk about drugs wow! u really a dumb mother teachin your kids all this shit must suck not havin a father in there lives

  2. for ONE, "anonymous", you must be ignorant because you obviously didn't READ the blog. TWO, you obviously don't know who Quasimoto is to be making your ASSUMPTIONS. THREE, had you read the blog OR did your research before you judged me, you'd be smart and leave this alone. who said my children don't have a father in their lives? THAT was NEVER addressed in my blog. you apparently don't know quality music. thanks so much

  3. why dont you really keep it real and stop biting styles pathetic loser

  4. why don't YOU keep it moving "anonymous"? what's more pathetic is the fact that you're on MY blog. how would you know what style i'm "biting"? you don't know me, or do you? LOSER get a life and stop criticising me n mines when you need to take care of YOURS! have a nice day now.